Thursday, October 22, 2009

VP Nomination

I have some good news to share this week. I found out that I have been nominated for the position of Vice President of ESPAN (the RWA chapter specifically devoted to epublishing). This was a nice surprise as I had not declared for a position. Not too long ago, I did volunteer to be part of a committee.

ESPAN elections will be at the beginning of November.

This past year, I have served on the Board of Los Angeles Romance Authors in the PR position. It has been a hectic year, but I've been very blessed to have made wonderful friends. Just this weekend, LARA had its annual Book Fair, featuring fourteen of our published authors. While I won't be staying on as Director of PR, I will stay an active part of the LARA membership.

I am very excited to see what 2010 will bring and hope I will be given the opportunity to serve on the Board of ESPAN. Wish me luck!

And, if you are an RWA member interested in learning about digital publishing, please consider joining ESPAN at: or follow us on Twitter:

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Vivienne Westlake said...

Elections closed today. I did win the VP category, so I will be on the 2010 ESPAN Board. Thank you to everyone who voted, whether you voted for me or Angeleque. We appreciate your support!