Saturday, November 29, 2008

How I Get Inspired (Distracted) While Meaning to Write....Or, Twilight and GH on YouTube

So, I'm working on a new paranormal story idea. It's taking a while to flesh together as this is a series and is more detailed than writing a novella or single title.

When I'm supposed to be writing, I'm finding myself on YouTube looking up mvids of General Hospital. Sad, but true. I was browsing for pics of Kelly Monaco (who plays Sam) and I saw one of her and Greg Vaughan (who plays Lucky). I'd been having trouble finding a face for my hero and when I saw the pic of Greg/Lucky, I knew I had a winner! So, I stumbled upon these really good music videos of the LuSam romance and I got hooked. I look at them when I'm getting ready to write and it's totally amusing because I never even watched GH during the time they got together. Side note for GH fans: the whole Sam and baby Jake storyline and the JaSam breakup was just annoying beyond belief, so I boycotted the show. Jason is my favorite character and I liked Sam, so I just couldn't get with the craziness...

So, back to my LuSam obsession. Those videos are muy caliente! That's some hot stuff. And, I just LOVE the clips of Lucky when he gets into the hot tub in his jeans and no shirt on. I'm not a girl for tats, but Greg has this beautiful Native American Eagle tattoo on his back that is OMG sexy!

Here's one of the videos on my LuSam playlist. If you skip to about 1:41 on the time, you'll see the sexy hot tub scene... Just sayin'.

And, this one is my favorite. It's more sweet than sexy:

Edited to add: I found a clip of just the hot tub scene, in slow motion:


My other obsession lately is the Twilight series. I know people have been talking about these books for a while, but I was slow to jump on the bandwagon. So, a good friend of mine started reading them and then got me to read the first one before we went to see the movie. I'm now on the third book, Eclipse. Well, more than half-way done.

So, I went Twi--I mean--Christmas shopping from my computer yesterday and bought several of my friends Twighlight stuff. Apparently we're all hooked on Sparkly Vampires. I'll show you some of the cool things I got: I didn't actually buy the pillow, but I did buy something with this logo.

This one is my Twilight gift to myself:
Because I am switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures. A hot wolf AND a cool vampire, now there's a girl's dream come true!

And, for my friend who is NOT neutral territory...

I do have to admit, there is something quite sexy about a sparkly, protective, velvet voiced vampire named Edward...

With any luck, my Greg Vaughan lookalike and paranormal hero, Connall O'Neill, will turn out to be just as sexy. Though my vamps do not sparkle. :)

My new addictions are inspiring, but terrible distractions. Last night, I spent 5 hours watching old episodes of GH on YouTube. This morning, I spent about 4 hours reading Eclipse.

So what are your distractions?

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