Monday, February 16, 2009

SPEW anyone?

This week, I am leading my local RWA chapter in an event called SPEW. It was once named "Book in a Week", but that was a bit ambitious for most of us, so it was renamed S.P.E.W. for Stop Procrastinating Everybody Write.

Basically, I have to lead a group of about 30 women and 2 men in creating a writing goal for the week and then give them daily motivation to make their goal. Some goals are simple (writing 30 minutes per day or writing a synopsis) and other goals are lofty (writing 40,000 words). Everyone starts at the pace that is right for them.

My goal is to write 5 character interviews or do 5 character development exercises. I did complete one character interview where my hero Jamie interviews his cousin, Langdon. Then, I turned the tables and had Langdon interview him. I thought this would be more fun than the usual author/character interview since the two men can play off one another. Afterall, who knows you better than your best friend?

I have one co-moderator and one volunteer helping to organize this madness and keep everyone on track. My SPEWers are allowed to change their goal at any point during the week, but I've threatened them with SPEW monsters if they abandon their SPEW...

But, since I'm a softie, I told them that really, this is the true SPEW monster:

We also post man candy and shoe candy during SPEW. So, the first successful participant today got this prize:

And, since I did write one character interview this morning, I also got a prize:

Every day, my co-moderator and I have a man candy theme. Today's theme is Heroic Hotties. The men who rescue us from drudgery and inspire us to be better people.

Back to cracking the whip...!

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